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Our studios, located in-house with Remote Control Productions, are outfitted with the very best equipment for mixing, mastering and live recording.

Joining our two main studios together is our large live room that has seen the likes of, Dave Stewart, Lisa Gerrard, Tom Morello, Bryan Adams, Jason Bonham, Pharrell Williams, Jack Johnson, and Johnny Marr.



Hans Zimmer, co-founder of 14th Street Music, is known for not only his blockbuster film scores but also the unique ways he has been able to stretch the idea of the musical instrument. The sampling department at our studio has been able to create instruments that both emulate a film’s sonic environment and surprise the audience with unique sounds and textures.

At 14th Street Music our composers have access to many of the original sounds and instruments that were created at our studios for some of the most famous movies of the last decades. See below for footage of the creation of some of these sounds by our in-house sampling department.