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OATS Studio Volume 1 Soundtrack Released

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, Oats Studios produces varies experimental short films including Zygote, starring Dakora Fanning; Firebase and Rakka.

Soundtrack by Lorne Balfe

Now available on Steam:


Genius Full Soundtrack Album Release

Milan Records will release a full soundtrack for the National Geographic series, GENIUES digitally on June 23th, 2017 and on CD July 28, 2017. The scripted series was produced by director Ron Howard, with the Main Title by Hans Zimmer, original music by Lorne Balfe.

Soundtrack available to purchase on Spotify and iTunes:
Truth, Goodness, and Beauty


Le Mans 3D Streaming on Amazon Prime

Le Mans 3D, a documentary about the world’s toughest motor race, release in theaters 21st June. Directed by James Erskine. Music by 14th Street music

All episodes now streaming on Amazon Prime!

Le Mans: Racing is Everything season 1:

OATS – Sci-fi Shorts Collections on YouTube and Steam

Oats Studio released a series of short films online including RAKKA and COOKING WITH BILL. Directed by Neill Bloomkamp, the experimental shorts features music by 14th Street Music. A soundtrack album is expected to release in the coming month.

Check out the trailer to the shorts here:


The Future is Female – Concert

14th Street Music is a proud sponsor of “The Future is Female Concert – a concert for Women in Film” on May 7th at The Moss Theater. The event is supported by Hans Zimmer, Steve Kofsky and Lorne Balfe.

The concert features original music by 10 talented female composers in the industry.

Ann-Kathrin Dern
Brooke DeRosa
Edith Mudge
Jessica Rae Huber
Jessie Weiss
Nami Melumad
Perrine Virgile-Piekarski
Tangelene Bolton
Tori Letzler
Vivian Aguiar-Buff

The concert also features the Main Theme from film The Cider House Rules by Rachel Portman. Arranged by Jennifer Dirkes. Performed by Queenie Li on piano, accompanied by The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra

Genius premieres on National Geographic

The new National Geographic drama series “Genius” premiered on April 25, 2017. Directed by Ron Howard, the first season follows the life of Albert Einstein. The scripted series features Music by Lorne Balfe, Main Theme by Hans Zimmer.

Album available on Spotify and iTunes now!



Proving the Theory

Everything is Connected

iPhone 7 – Romeo and Juliet – Apple

Apple – Frankie’s Holiday

THE CROWN – Netflix’s original drama series

The Crown, Netflix’s original drama series of the life of Queen ElizabethII, premiered on Nov 4th. The 10-episode dramawas created by Peter Morgan, with music produced by Hans Zimmer, Rupert Gregson-Williams and 14thStreet Music.



MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET is a traveling street art exhibition, opening in Dresden in October 2016. It is an exhibition like you have never seen before. With an expected

With an expected life span of 5 years, the “mega art installation” tours through European cities, showcase new works by 40 of the best street artists worldwide.

An exhibition soundtrack album featuring music by Lorne Balfe is released on Oct 21th. Now available on iTunes.

The founders of 14th Street Music, Steve Kofsky, Lorne Balfe took part in a photo shoot with a boombox created from Magic City, the art exhibition in Europe.